Lending Library opens this month!

Milwaukee BabywearingHey, get excited!! Milwaukee Babywearing is going to start LENDING carriers THIS MONTH! So how is this going to work??

Two of our current meetups – North, at Burn Bootcamp in Mequon, and South, at Well-Rounded in Bayview – will become Learning AND Lending Libraries. The other meetups (the rotating West meetups and Evening/Saturday meetups) will continue to happen, but as Bring Your Own Carrier Clinics. We will have a few carrier styles on hand to try, but the meetups will be focused on getting you adjusted and comfortable with carriers you already own.

Lending will happen on a first-come, first-served basis. When you arrive, you can put your name on a list to check out a specific carrier. You may take one carrier home in the second hour of the meetup. All carriers must be returned to the same library they were checked out from *in the first half-hour of the meeting*. This ensures that all carriers will be available for trying on in the middle of the meeting.

Renting a carrier for a month will cost $6, or you can purchase a membership for the year for $50 and which includes a carrier rental at each Lending Library event you attend. All payments will be made with Paypal. PLEASE NOTE that continued late carrier returns will result in loss of borrowing privileges.

Stay tuned for carrier rental rules and more details on membership perks, coming soon! Please feel free to ask any clarifying questions you might have, and we look forward to seeing you very soon!