Pavo Guild Venus Aspect Review

Pavo Venus Aspect

I am a serial wrap churner. I bought my first woven wrap Pavo Guild Venus AspectMay 2015, and since then have tried more wraps than I can name. I love how different they all are, no two wraps are alike.

My most recent acquisition (on a complete whim) is the beautiful Pavo Guild Venus Aspect, in a size 6.

I’ve never liked stripes or rainbows in the past. They just weren’t my style.

I’ve never been so wrong.

Venus Aspect delivers a stunning, unique “grown up” rainbow on a black warp.


Venus Aspect is a double faced wrap, the “wrong” side of this wrap is almost fully black. It makes for a beautiful contrast compared to the earthy rainbow stripes on the “right” side.

It is thin and airy, and will be the perfect summer wrap. The passes glide extremely easily, and passes tighten quickly and effortlessly.

If you haven’t had the chance to try a black warp or a Pavo, get thee to an event! Milwaukee Babywearers is lucky to have a Pavo Form Surf Stripe in the “B” Library, which was donated by Pavo Textiles.

Posted by Alicia H.