Lotus Hip Baby Wrap Review

My first woven wrap *ever* was the Lotus Hip Baby Wrap. My good friend Anna is an enthusiastic wrapper and I was very curious. My husband and I had worn our daughter in a Baby K’tan and an Original Ergo leading up to this point.

I was intimidated by the wrapping world… so many brands, blends, and sizes!

Then, something amazing happened. Zulily posted a sale for Hip Baby Wraps. I had my “in” to the wrapping world – and it was only $55 with shipping (they retail for $120).

Since it was my first wrap ever (I hadn’t even tried one on at an event this point), I had no clue what to expect. While I was waiting for it to arrive, I watched tons of Youtube videos. My favorites were from Wrapping Rachel and Wrap You In Love.

Lotus Hip Baby WrapThe wrap finally arrived on a Thursday afternoon in May 2015. I washed and dried it as quickly as I could.

Lotus is a very thin, dry wrap with very little stretch. It was airy and great for the warm weather that was upcoming at that time.

It came with plenty of sleepy dust, which was super appreciated from this first time mom.

Due to it’s thinness, I did find it diggy at times. Looking back, I think this was due to my inexperience with wrapping and overtightening carries.

I highly recommend Hip Baby Wraps to any beginner wrapper. You will fall quickly down the woven rabbit hole!

Zulily has a sale on Hip Baby Wraps going on now thru 3/17! Click here to view.

Posted by Alicia H.